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We are a high quality body art facility that provides the finest tattooing as well as top notch customer service. The owner and operator, Max Scott, has 25 years of experience and has worked along side some of the best artists in the world. We have some of the highest standards in the industry and believe that there is nothing more important than the quality of our client's body art and the experience they have while getting tattooed!

ARTIST BIO             




Hello, my name is Max Scott.

I've been tattooing for over 25 years! One whole quarter of a century dedicated to the artistic discipline of tattooing. This exercise began in 1991 right out of high school. Apprenticing under the World Famous Bob & Charlie Roberts in Hollywood, California. This is where I learned about the the proper fundamentals of Traditional Tattooing from one of the true Greats of modern day tattooing Bob Roberts!

During this time working at Spotlight Tattoo on Melrose Boulevard, I was also frequently invited to guest spot up on Sunset Boulevard at Tattoo Mania with Gill 'The Drill' Montie, Mark Mahoney, and Tom Tilden (From about 1993-1997). This was a busier street shop and was helpful in honing my artistic trade of tattooing in nicely.

I would also frequent American Graffiti in Sacramento, California, to work along side the late Eric Hogan and friends. While the artistic foundation of my tattooing is strongly grounded in my roots at Spotlight, these opportunities helped provide an early look at higher traffic walk-in shops.      

The next step from there was a year living in Amsterdam, working with the Original 'Hanky Panky' Henk Schiffmacher. After 7 years of preparation at Spotlight, Hanky Panky was a whole different game. I was a jumping from everything hand drawn, custom traditional & Japanese to a little bit of everything. Although we were doing larger work as well, there was almost always a line out the door for small walk in tattoos! A lot of the time, tattoos were picked right out of a plethora of Old School reference that we had stocked up in binders for clients to search through (Pre- Internet). The reference was passed down from generation to generation and there were barely even any books on tattooing through the 1990's. Quite a few European and other tourists from around the globe would line up to get everything we had to offer in our folders and line drawing books! There were plenty of custom back pieces and quarter sleeves with Koi fish & water to be done also. Tattooing from 11am-7pm (sometimes later) and 6-7 days a week for a year really helped me dial in my tattooing abilities. One of the first back pieces I ever did was a tiger on a friend from Holland.

From there, I slowly worked my way back to Hollywood and Los Angeles, working on and off with the late Eric Maaske at Classic Tattoo.

I have been getting tattooed from the time I was 17 when I got a piece for a friend that passed away. Part of the process of my apprenticeship was to get tattooed because it was important to personally go through the process of tattooing, not only because we liked it but also to understand what the future clients I would be tattooing would be experiencing. This would also help me develop my compassion and patience for the human beings I would be tattooing for decades to come!

From 1991 on, it was also my responsibility to reproduce the "Bob & Charlie Roberts" Tattoo Flash art that hung on the walls of Spotlight Tattoo. This helped me understand the foundation and fundamentals of Traditional and Japanese tattooing. Also without a doubt, living in Los Angeles helped me develop a solid Black and Gray tattooing style.

I can't leave out that tattoo machine building has been a huge part of my life as I travel through my tattoo career.  Building my first ever machines with Charlie Roberts and Dan Dringenberg, I was lucky enough to be sitting along side some of the best talent in the industry! Charlie and I both have been blessed with the friendship of Dan Dringenberg and have been building along side him since the late 1990's!!!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about the history of my tattooing career up to this point in time! Thanks for taking the time to check us out.



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